Creative Commander – Chris Clarke

A covert creative communications specialist, Chris began active service at iconic britsoft publisher Psygnosis in the late 90’s, then refined his sharp tongue and creative media relation skills at military publisher NovaLogic, developing and delivering propaganda in mainland Europe. With his training on the mainland complete, Chris undertook an overseas tour to infiltrate the North American PR landscape, becoming Account Manager at Triplepoint PR in San Francisco.

After years of covert freelance operations managing the likes of Telltale Games, Cryptic Studios and Atari in Europe, he set up Plan of Attack in 2013 and currently works hands-on with clients including Unity, Fatshark and Drinkbox Studios among many others.

Strategic Commander – Audra McIver

An expat American living in The Netherlands, Audra brings 10+ years of experience in all-out PR warfare to Plan of Attack. With a career spanning San Francisco, New York, Madrid and now Amsterdam, Audra has infiltrated two continents with her PR expertise in managing high-level, indie, multilingual and multicultural campaigns.

After recruitment and boot camp at TriplePoint PR in San Francisco, Audra transferred to the east coast to establish a new stronghold for the company with its first New York office. McIver then advanced through the ranks and was recruited by B/HI in New York to command its interactive entertainment battalion where she oversaw, motivated and drove a team of more than 10 people to launch games for AAA and indie studios alike. Following this tour of combat, McIver relocated to Europe and in 2013 joined forces with Chris Clarke to begin Plan of Attack where she fights in the trenches with clients including Versus Evil, Gaijin Entertainment and many more.