Military Personnel

Lt. Commander Derick Thomas

A games PR specialist who has spent the last 6 years working on various PC, console, and mobile titles. Before coming to Plan of Attack, Derick worked on the frontlines for Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. While there, he worked on and maintained numerous games under his belt such as the hit titles Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. Over the years, Derick has honed his craft by bringing an in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry and a diverse skillset that delivers extensive coverage and top-tier results. Some of the titles Derick has worked on recently include The Golf Club, Supernauts, Marvel Heroes 2015, Doctor Who: Legacy, #IDARB, and Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas.

Lt. Commander Kate Pietrelli

Kate Pietrelli is a marketing strategy and public relations specialist within gaming and technology industries. Clients have spanned a wide range of verticals including security software (IronKey, Wickr), adtech (Google, Applifier acquired by Unity Technologies), enterprise SaaS (Brightidea, Sleepy Giant), and gaming (gumi Inc., Scopely). Previously, Kate led marketing initiatives for World Golf Tour, and (acquired by Viacom/MTV Networks), including programs for acquisition and retention, product marketing, merchandizing, email and media relations. While at the interactive agency TriplePoint, Kate advised clients such as LEGO, Gaia Online, Social Gold (acquired by Google) on marketing and public relations strategy.

First Lieutenant Aidan Minter

A games industry professional with 20+ years of retail, product and brand marketing experience in video games with the likes of Game, JVC, Atari, Midway Games and Meteor Entertainment. Aidan has worked on a variety of different products across a broad spectrum of gaming formats including Unreal Tournament, Driver, TNA Impact! and Wheelman and brings extensive publisher and product related experience to Plan of Attack. Aidan previously worked on the free-to-play Mech FPS Hawken for Meteor Entertainment, providing PR support for UK and Europe.

Sergeant Vaiva Vitkute

Armed with a degree in international business and communications, Vaiva joined Plan of Attack in 2013. After more than a year and a half of rigorous training, Vaiva has risen in the ranks and tackled PR communications for AAA and indie titles, including War Thunder, The Banner Saga and Space Hulk, as well as a number of mobile titles. Over this period she managed to make a considerable number of connections with specialized media, be it PC, console or mobile focused press. Fresh blood in the industry, therefore not afraid of getting her hands dirty, Vaiva reaches out directly to journalists, specializing in enticing pitches that draw from her experience and double the amount of coverage that most games are able to secure organically.

Private Agne Vitkute

During the time with Plan of Attack Agne has worked on a broad range of titles including Triple A PC MMOs such as War Thunder and Marvel Heroes 2015 to niche indie PC titles including Habitat, Armikrog and Guild of Dungeoneering for indie publisher Versus Evil. Agne has established a close relationship with many gaming media influencers and successfully secured interviews, Q&A’s, review articles, giveaway campaigns and other editorial coverage for Plan of Attack clients across a broad range of lifestyle and specialist press media.

Private Tom Davis

Tom has been with Plan of Attack for a year, coming over from one of the biggest and most famous companies in the world: Apple. Tom has been providing PR support on titles such as Guacamelee!, Space Hulk: Ascension, Republique, Kalimba, Marvel Heroes 2015, Supernauts, Magic: The Gathering TCG, Magic Duels: Origins, Severed and Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide. He has an extensive knowledge of the industry in addition to a great understanding of what consumers want from press and developer/publisher communications. Comfortable in all aspects of PR communications, Tom is always ready to lead the charge on the frontline.

Cadet Laura Pauzolyte

Throughout the time with Plan of Attack Laura has been researching the social media channels to find the most popular gaming personalities and managing PoA database by always keeping it up to date. Laura has also been providing PR support and putting together editorial coverage for titles such as Jagged Alliance: Flashback, Clandestine, Mushroom Men, Oddwings Escape, Albion Online, Guild of Dungeoneering. Also, by being a part of the PoA team Laura helps to format, localize and distribute press releases for the clients of Plan of Attack.