The Banner Saga (Versus Evil/Stoic Studios)

An epic role-playing Viking journey with a metacritic score of 80% on PC and 92% on mobile, the Banner Saga became one of 2014’s most critically acclaimed indie releases, with an impressive sequel – Banner Saga 2 – launched in 2016 across all formats.

Extensive preview and interview campaigns for Banner Saga and its sequel helped secure coverage that included in excess of 700+ reviews. Feature articles with press included Edge, PC Gamer and Gamestar, dedicated gaming portals Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer and Gamereactor, national newspapers The Guardian, The Times and Metro and popular Let’s Play’s broadcast content with Youtube personalities Totalbiscuit and SplatterCatGaming. The Banner Saga titles have earned plaudits from both critics and the public, with developer Stoic winning “Best Start-Up” at the Innovation Awards.