Supernauts was one of the most ambitious and anticipated mobile titles to come out in recent years. The developers at Grand Cru had quite the expectations to live up to with many other popular and successful mobile games coming out of Finland. After years in development Supernauts was ready for a global launch and they looked to Plan of Attack to help get coverage and positive press for their title in the US.

For the launch of Supernauts on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices and in coordination with Grand Cru’s European counterpart, Plan of Attack reached out to national, mobile, and gaming enthusiast sites and was able to help secure over 70 US news stories, line-up positive reviews and interviews, and generate overall excitement in the US market. Through its outreach, Plan of Attack also helped Supernauts achieve over 1 million users in just six days after launch, become nominated for editors choice in 40 countries, and appear in the Best New Games category in 155 countries.