Space Hulk (Full Control)  – Mix awesome indie-game studio with talent for turn-based action + classic Games Workshop strategy board game IP + Plan of Attack global communications campaign + bake in the oven on full heat. Results – 500+ news stories, electrifying previews and one of the mostly highly anticipated indie releases of 2013.

Neverwinter (Perfect World) – MMO specialist wanted to cost effectively target a tailored European comms campaign, including UK, Nordic, Benelux and Eastern Europe. Plan of Attack spearheaded a multi-territory approach PR campaign setting up expansive comunuity building beta key giveaways, dozens of producer interviews and features to insure Neverwinter has became one of the most highly-anticipated free-to-play MMORPG launches of 2013.

Briquid (Gamious) – Dutch indie studio, Gamious, had a great mobile game but the daunting task of making sure that it got the attention it deserved in a sea of competition. Plan of Attack came to the rescue and secured top-tier coverage, reviews and news postings in more than 15 different countries worldwide.