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Front Line Video Game Communications

Plan of Attack is an international communications agency focused solely on the promotion of video games. Featuring a team of experienced communications specialists, former journalists and biz dev specialists, Plan of Attack has a firm understanding of what sells, how to sell it, who to sell it to, and when it’s best to reach out to media and influencers.

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CrossBorder International Team

Our ragtag crew of industry veterans hail from all over the world. From London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Vilnius to Portland and San Francisco, we've forged friendly relationships with media, influencers, developers, and publishers from all around the globe. Our international team ensures that we have intimate familiarity with the video game industry throughout Europe and North America. Being so spread out makes us easy to reach across all timezones, as well as mobile when it comes to events where our presence is required.

What We Do


We know what makes a good press release, store page and website. We’re able to play a game and talk to the developers to really understand the core ideas that they’re trying to sell. What makes a game special? What’s unique about it? What inspired it in the first place? Every game tells a story… and there’s another story behind the game!

We don’t simply list a feature set and call it a day, but we make strides to capture the big picture that drove our clients to spend years of their life bringing their game to fruition. We aim to capture that passion and communicate that to a larger audience in a nuanced way that both has widespread appeal as well as captures the values of the creative leads behind it.

Business development

Plan of Attack isn’t just a cool name, it’s how we do business. With each client we look at their game and overall goals with it. From there, we outline a bespoke proposal examining how to position a game, when and how to announce and launch it, and what PR beats to plan along the way.

These range from trade shows to attend, video content concepts to produce, potential interview and feature angles, op-ed guest column opportunities, and ways to promote publishers and developers as a larger brand with a unique identity.

Additionally, we target specific outlets and media personalities that we think would be most interested in individual titles. We do the planning, so you don’t have to!

Event Planning

There’s a lot that goes into planning for a press tour, trade show or conference from figuring out where to stay to booking media to come see your wares. Plan of Attack is ready and willing to tackle all of this for you. We’ve attended all of the major video game trade shows several times over and booked press tours across Europe and North America, so we can recommend where to set up shop and where to stay. Should you pay for a booth in the business area, or put together a private showing room at a nearby hotel?

Are there opportunities to shine in the limelight on panels? Or perhaps there are offshoot showcases you could present at. We’re on top of all of this, letting our clients know what events to showcase at and when submissions open. Finally, we send out numerous media invites and follow-ups to ensure that when the event finally happens there will be numerous media around to cover it.

Conference Support

We understand that not everyone is available to talk to the media themselves. Sometimes it’s an availability conflict with developers and publishers unable to make a trip across the world to present a product. Sometimes it’s a language issue, where developers aren’t comfortable communicating on camera to English-speaking press. And sometimes you simply need an extra set of hands to man a booth.

Whatever the reason, Plan of Attack’s staff is well versed at public speaking and won’t hesitate to take on this mantle when our clients need it.

Client Support

Bringing a video game to market is hard work. It takes years to develop a game, and managing the ins and outs of negotiating with platform holders, balancing budgets, and then finally getting people to even pay attention to your game is a recipe for stress and anxiety. That’s what we’re here for.

With an international staff we’re able to respond to client’s questions and concerns across all time zones in a timely manner, so you’re never left wracking your brain trying to plan the next move on your own. Your game launches are important to you, so they’re important to us too. We’re all in this together!

Influencer campaigns

The media landscape is rapidly changing and more people than ever are using streamers, video content creators, and all manner of influencers as their prime source of news. With so many making videos, we seek to identify the right content creators for you! We don't just go by traffic numbers, but curate each account's influencer outreach based on genre and audience engagement. Additionally, for larger taste makers that only produce videos based on paid partnerships, we can handle the scouting process, finding out who to talk to, what their rates will be, and get the ball rolling on any paid sponsorships

Corporate Communications

It’s not easy to give a company a strong identity, especially if it’s a larger company. After all, a company is nothing more than a collective of people working together towards a sometimes nebulous goal, like that parable about five blind men touching an elephant and jumping to different conclusions about what it is. It’s our job to paint a clear picture of that elephant.

To make sure your brand stands apart, whether it’s a solo developer making a small scale project or a giant publisher with several hundred employees under its payroll. We want it so when people hear your company name, they know exactly what personality, values, and vision drive your brand.

Media training and crisis counseling

Game development is a full-time job. Actually, it’s many full-time jobs. And interfacing with the media is not one that many are comfortable with. It’s easy to make a misstep and upset fans, but we can teach developers the skills they need to come out confident in front of a camera.

Things can go wrong in development. A game might get delayed multiple times, a certain platform port might get canned, or a title could launch with some unexpected bugs. When it comes to the wild world of game development, things seldom go according to plan. That’s why we’re here to help you put out fires and assure your fan base that they’re being heard and that you’re doing everything you can to help. It’s easy to forget that games are made by people, and we aim to highlight that fact so that you, the media, and your community are all on the same page.

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