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Plan of Attack is an international video games PR agency. Our dedicated team of industry veterans spans across Europe and North America, offering expertise in promoting games of all sizes and genres.

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CrossBorder International Team

Founded in 2013, Plan of Attack has grown to become one of the video games industry’s premiere PR agencies. We build bespoke campaigns tailored to each client’s needs, budget, and type of game. We understand that campaigns often need to pivot and that many clients don’t have experience with PR, so we’re always flexible and available around the clock to offer guidance and support. The high-level of service we provide is reflected in the fact that we often build long-term relationships with our clients.

What We Do


Plan of Attack isn’t just a cool name, it’s how we do business. We create a bespoke proposal for each game examining how to position it, how to announce and launch it, and what PR beats to plan along the way.


We know what makes a good press release, store page and website, and we’ve got the writers to put the copy together for you. We’re able to identify what makes your game or brand special and tell that story to the world.


We can teach you the skills to stay confident and on message when it comes to interacting with the media. When things don’t go according to plan, we’re ready to help you respond in the right way.


It’s not easy to give a company a strong identity, but we can help you do just that. When people hear your company name, we want them to know what personality, values and vision drive your brand.


From curating target lists of content creators for organic outreach, to scouting and negotiating paid partnerships, we can build an influencer campaign that’s right for your game.


We can take the load off your shoulders when it comes to planning for a trade show or conference. From booking appointments for press and influencers, to attending a show in person to man your booth, we’ve got you covered.


We can curate your brand’s identity across multiple platforms. Using social media to highlight your brand’s values, share product news, and entertain and grow your audience converts customers into communities.


We like to think of ourselves as your in-house PR team: always ready to adapt, answer your questions, offer honest feedback and give you support wherever you need it.


We have several former professional games journalists that we work with in a consultant capacity. Their “mock reviews” tell you how your game will be perceived by the gaming press and what can be done to improve its reception.


We have external partners who specialize in gaming PR across Japan, China, and South Korea. We are happy to arrange partnerships for our clients interested in campaigns specific to these territories.

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