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About us

Plan of Attack is an international communications agency focused solely on the promotion of video games. Featuring a team of experienced communications specialists, former journalists and biz dev specialists, Plan of Attack has a firm understanding of what sells, how to sell it, who to sell it to, and when it’s best to reach out to media and influencers.

Plan of Attack began in 2013 by two longtime industry friends, Chris Clarke and Audra McIver. Chris and Audra met in 2004 when they worked at a boutique video game PR agency in San Francisco. Chris, a British national, was living in the city and Audra (American) had just moved there. The two became fast friends, despite Chris’ inability to speak proper English (hehe) and Audra’s inability to understand at least 50% of what he said.

Fast forward to Gamescom, August 2012. Chris and Audra met for a catch up over dinner and drinks. After what was probably the 20th kolsch (Cologne’s tasty brew) the idea of teaming up began to take hold and Plan of Attack was born. Of course it didn’t start out with a name or even become a reality until the following January 2013, but once the intention was verbalized these two old friends started working towards building a unique PR agency that would cross international borders and provide video game clients with a one-stop solution for promoting their products throughout Europe and North America.

Today Audra lives in Amsterdam and Chris is based in Brighton. The company has grown to encompass professionals based across Europe from England to the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, and of course the United States.

The friendship has remained and has now been augmented with our phenomenal intercontinental team and a great working relationship based on mutual respect and admiration for individual talents and skills. Plan of Attack is a family of sorts, and we welcome our clients into the fray.