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About us

Founded in 2013, Plan of Attack has grown to become one of the video games industry’s premiere PR agencies. We build bespoke campaigns tailored to each client’s needs, budget, and type of game. We understand that campaigns often need to pivot and that many clients don’t have experience with PR, so we’re always flexible and available around the clock to offer guidance and support. The high-level of service we provide is reflected in the fact that we often build long-term relationships with our clients.

We maintain a diverse workforce in terms of age, background, ethnicity and gender. Our crossborder international team is spread across Europe and the US and 100 percent of the team are gamers. Having an international team has helped us forge friendly relationships with media, influencers, developers, and publishers from all around the globe and makes us easy to reach across all timezones, as well as mobile when it comes to events where our presence is required. We’re committed to maintaining gender equality and embracing ethnic diversity across our workforce.

At Plan of Attack, we aim to be the number one agency in our space. To find out more, please contact us!