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PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Founded in 2017, newcomer Ukiyo Publishing, sought an experienced team to handle the console release of the PC, iOS and Android hit, Death Road To Canada. Working closely with both Ukiyo and developer, Rocketcat Games, Plan of Attack devised an in depth proposal to engage a broad cross-section of traditional media and streamers to ensure everyone was on board for the randomly generated road-trip to Ontario. At the end of January 2018, Plan of Attack announced that Death Road To Canada would be coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, generating over 120 news stories from multiformat and format-focused media. Interviews followed with leading platforms such as PlayStation Universe, GameReactor a Nintendo Life.

This was followed a month later in February with a Switch-specific trailer, highlighting how the game local co-op functionality took advantage of the platform’s hardware. Over 70 news stories were secured on key Nintendo-focused outlets including Nintendo Life, Go Nintendo and Nintendo Everything. Then, on the 10th April 2018, Plan of Attack announced the console release date of April 25th 2018 for Death Road To Canada, gaining nearly 100 news hits. This was supplemented with an exclusive stream of the game on Nintendo Voice Chat, IGN’s dedicated Nintendo channel.

On the 23rd April 2018 the tragic news broke that a terrorist-drive van attack had taken place in Toronto. With parallels between the attack and the game’s name, if not its content, Plan of Attack quickly recommended Ukiyo Publishing postpone the game’s release date, out of respect for those affected. A short media blast was written and distributed to media while Ukiyo worked hard to secure a more appropriate release date. In the weeks leading up to the game’s original release date, Plan of Attack sent out over 850 codes to media. Every recipient was emailed personally, ensuring they were made aware of the change in situation, and asked to hold back reviews for the game’s new release date.

Death Road To Canada’s rescheduled release date was announced on the May 3rd with reviews dropping on May 8th, the launch day. Prior to the game’s release, an exclusive Let’s Play was scheduled with Nintendo Life’s video channel. Reviews then flooded in from many of the industry’s leading outlets including Nintendo Life, IGN Spain, Vida Extra, 4Players and Vandal. Streamers, loved the game, too, bringing in hundreds of thousands of additional eyes to the game. On Metacritic, the game sits at 79 for the Nintendo Switch, 78 for PlayStation 4 and 75 for Xbox One with many outlets praising the game’s depth, humour and style.