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PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

EVERSPACE is a roguelike space shooter with persistent progression developed by Rockfish Games, a studio comprised of former developers from Fishlab Games and Frontier Developments who were behind other epic space sagas such as Galaxy on Fire, and Elite Dangerous. After raising $472,123 on Kickstarter, EVERSPACE initially premiered as an Early Access title on Steam and was part of Microsoft’s Xbox Preview program, before seeing a full launch on PC and Xbox One in June 2017. Plan of Attack helped with the European promotion of its Encounters DLC, which launched in May 2018, along with the enhanced PlayStation 4 and Switch ports, EVERSPACE: Stellar Edition, which launched in May and December 2018, respectively.

Plan of Attack’s communications campaign for EVERSPACE kicked off in early May 2018 when we announced the launch of EVERSPACE’s Encounters DLC, which was picked up by over 30 news outlets, while the bigger reveal, that EVERSPACE: Stellar Edition would be launching in late May, generated 60+ news stories. Along with some Let’s Plays and a handful of interviews, there were over 100 news stories floating around about EVERSPACE in May 2018, lending a big push towards its PS4 launch. Some of the biggest outlets covering this initial push included IGN, GamesRadar, Jeux Video, Daily Motion, Playground (Russia), Vandal, and 3D Juegos.

The next major PR beat was announcing the Switch version of EVERSPACE: Stellar Edition, news of which premiered in a Nintendo Indies showcase video in August 2018. This was reported on by nearly 130 sites, including the likes of Eurogamer, IGN, Gizmodo, Jeux Video, Gamekult, Areajugones, and Vandal.

When the official release date was announced at the end of November 2018, this was picked up by another 60 sites, with another 48 covering its eventual launch on December 11th. Highlights included: Jeux Video, VGChartz, Areajugones Sport, Vandal, NintendoLife, and Nintendo Everything.

To support the Nintendo Switch version, which had been primed for a December launch, sites like Nintendo Life and Paladins streamed the game in mid December. YouTube channel SwitchUp’s console review racked up nearly 50,000 views of the game on its channel. YouTuber ObsidianAnt also included EVERSPACE in his ‘Best Space games of 2018’ which has gained over 665,000 views and put EVERSPACE alongside sci-fi luminaries such as Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

Throughout the campaign for both versions we secured interviews with Rockfish CEO Michael Schade. These features expanded upon the transition from its original PC development to its console launches. Interviews and features were placed with a wide selection of media including Gamesource and Gamereactor. Plan of Attack also arranged for South African Entertainment site, Fortress of Solitude, to cover the game by way of an interview feature with Schade.

Reviews were generally very positive across specialist gaming press with many critics praising the game’s addictive gameplay loop, impressive visual quality, and engaging narrative. Scores for the game currently average around the 8 mark for the game, consistent with its previous outing on PC and Xbox One where the game had also scored high 7’s and 8’s. The game currently enjoys a Metacritic score of 84 on Xbox One, while the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions are sitting at a Metacritic score of 78. On PS4, EVERSPACE: Stellar Edition was awarded a 9/10 from Gaming Trend and Video Chums, while PlayStation Lifestyle and Dualshockers gave it an 8/10. On Switch, Nintendo World Report awarded it a 9/10, while God is a Geek gave it an 8.5/10, and Nintendo Life praised it with an 8/10. There was plenty of unscored praise too, like Windows Central calling its Encounters DLC “an absolute blast on Xbox One.”

Ultimately, from the beginning of May through the end of December, we secured over 360 news stories and 200 reviews across the PS4 and Switch console launches, along with the Encounters DLC and Rockfish Games is in a better place than it’s ever been with the widespread, and well received launch of EVERSPACE: Stellar Edition on PS4 and Switch.