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Human Fall Flat

Nintendo Switch and PC

Our campaign for Curve Digital was to manage the communications for the Switch version of indie smash hit Human Fall Flat. The campaign comprised of two press releases (to announce the franchise was coming to Switch, as well as an out now announcement), a review and streamer campaign. In addition we released three media blasts - to announce Joy-con support, and the release of multiplayer and the Christmas lobby and skins for the PC version.

We also ran two AMA’s on two Nintendo Switch SubReddit’s (r/nintendo and r/nintendoswitch) on launch week with the developer and a representative from Curve Digital.


In total, we secured 164 new stories. Our primary news beats were the release date announcement, out now announcement and media blasts around the Joy-Con support as well as announcements around the release of a multiplayer patch and the release of a seasonal Christmas lobby and Santa-themed skins.

Our release date/launch trailer announcement was covered by 68 sites, including some of the biggest premier online games outlets including IGN, Gameblog, Jeuxvideo, 3DJuegos and Pocket Gamer. The out now press release was covered by 56 media outlets, with highlights including IGN, Jeux Video, Gamereactor and Gonintendo. Additionally the Joy-con support story secured 11 stories, with the multiplayer PC announcement a further 22 and the seasonal Christmas update a further 7 features.


Again, with no preview code, we had to rely on review codes for streamers. We also had an allocation of Steam keys. Highlights include Em Alta, THM Gaming, WarpBeacon, CheckPoint Games, Nintendo Everything (via Nintendo Impact Gaming), Go Nintendo (via ContraNetwork), Vanoss Gaming, DSi Symphony, HCL, ACG, Funhaus and ContraNetwork.


In total we had 73 reviews go live for Human: Fall Flat on Nintendo Switch. Scores fluctuated, averaging between 60% to 80%, the Switch Metacritic score stands at 65. Some review highlights include Nintendo World Report, VG Chartz, Vida Extra, IGN Spain, Nintendo Life, Spiele Tipps, Tom’s Hardware, Game Guide and Pocket Gamer.

Our campaign took place in November and the beginning of December, a very busy time in the AAA space, meaning from a coverage standpoint, we had less volume in comparison to The Flame In The Flood. However, with some quality news hits and some highly regarded sites reviewing the Switch version, sales of Human: Fall Flat were still very impressive on that platform, which also had a knock-on effect for PC and other consoles. In conjunction with the multiplayer update and the Christmas skins, sales of the PC version in particular skyrocketed over the holiday period.