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In recent years, Plan of Attack has steadily expanded its role as a crucial communications bridge between East and West, helping game developers in the East bring their games to Western markets. This growth is exemplified through recent campaigns, including overseeing the media and influencer communications campaign for Bingobell's semi-open-world action platformer, KAKU: Ancient Seal, across Europe, Oceania, South Africa, and the Americas.

During the Early Access launch campaign, Plan of Attack extended its support to Bingobell by assisting with a multitude of tasks such as rewriting the Steam Page, editing several planned blog posts in English, as well as penning press releases. The communication strategy for KAKU: Ancient Seal kicked off with the Early Access release date announcement on April 12, 2023, which was picked up by 69 news outlets including GameGrin, COGconnected, GameDeveloper, Indie Reviews and Sector.

We took the momentum from this reveal and released a 20-minute gameplay video two weeks later, on April 28th, 2023, which was covered by 41 news outlets. Combined with a series of “Countdown to Launch” posts that revealed new gameplay and provided an FAQ about the Steam Early Access launch, we seamlessly transitioned this propulsion into an “Out Now” press release on May 3rd, 2023, which received an additional 27 news stories reminding people that the game was available for purchase.

Throughout this launch period, Plan of Attack’s strategically distributed press releases resulted in an impressive 151 news stories, 39 reviews and 44 YouTube and Twitch videos. The campaign specifically targeted specialized gaming outlets, with a focus on top-tier PC gaming platforms.

In addition to general news distribution, Plan of Attack meticulously curated press and streamer lists tailored for KAKU: Ancient Seal, involving over 100 streamer targets and 400 specialized press contacts who have demonstrated interest in similar action/adventure games and family-friendly platformers. Tailored code distributions reached top-tier media including PC Gamer, PPE, Eurogamer, Gamereactor, Kotaku AU, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gematsu, Game Developer, IGN, Forbes, Gamespot, and Gamesradar were targeted. This dual approach extended to streamers, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

The campaign's success was evident in the impressive 234 pieces of coverage across 20 countries, securing features in 29 territories and 104 distinct outlets, including major platforms like IGN, Game Rant, and PC Gamer.

KAKU: Ancient Seal received a large amount of positive reviews and first impressions. Both The Game Vault and TechGaming gave a 8/10 score, while PIXEL offered a 7.8/10. Reviews continued to emerge, with NAG Online giving it a 77/100, Gamebrain a 7.6/10, and Netizenz awarded the game an impressive 9/10. Positive reviews highlighted KAKU: Ancient Seal's gameplay, combat mechanics and character design. While there were minor areas for improvement identified by reviewers, KAKU: Ancient Seal received particular praise for its diverse translations and regional dialects.

A targeted list of streamers, coupled with a Lurkit campaign, resulted in 27 videos on Twitch and YouTube, which produced video content with a 92% like ratio. Twitch streams reached a peak viewership of 115, underscoring substantial interest. An additional 18 inorganic streams expanded the game's exposure, contributing to its overall success.

KAKU: Ancient Seal garnered positive responses in the West, across Europe, Oceania, South Africa, and the Americas, firmly establishing itself as a captivating experience for fans of action/adventure games and 3D platformers. Despite initial challenges like being a Chinese game on Early Access, KAKU: Ancient Seal received extensive coverage from major gaming websites, laying a robust foundation for future promotions. The campaign emphasized the crucial role of video-based PR beats with English language press releases. These were instrumental in helping KAKU find its intended audience of younger players.