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Our Lost Ember campaign kicked off ahead of E3 2019 where Lost Ember would be showcased at the MIX event, in an Epic Games promo interview, and as a playable demo on GameSpot’s E3 livestream. Due to time constraints, developer Mooneye Studios could not attend E3, so we had a representative from Plan of Attack present the game to the media and handle interviews. To do this, we thoroughly researched design docs, ensuring we were familiar with the game’s story and mechanics so we could field any question that came our way. The show was a smash hit, particularly with the GameSpot livestream footage, and the E3 showing ended up garnering over 70 news stories alone.Next we handled Gamescom media bookings, where it was covered by the likes of Sector, Game Reactor, Game Guide, and Adventure Gamers. When we announced the release date in late October it was picked up by over 140 outlets, including The Escapist, 4 Players, Vandal, Daily Motion, PCGamesN, IGN Japan, and PlayStation Lifestyle. The “Out now” launch announcement was picked up by IGN, PC Gamer, RPS, Eurogamer Italy, Playground, 4 players, and OnRPG. Once out, it became a favorite among streamers, with over 60 producing videos of Lost Ember in action. Some of the larger influencers who espoused its virtues included Many a True Nerd, KatherineOfSky, Kuplinov Play,, Tex HS, GameStar, and TheDragonHat. Because Lost Ember was such a sales success on Steam, it ended up making a lot of roundups of the top 20 Steam games in November - something covered by outlets like Kotaku, PC Gamer, and Venturebeat.

Lost Ember was a critical success too, as it was praised by such critics as PC Gamer (90/100), Screen Rant (4/5),Wccftech (8/10), PlayStation Lifestyle (9.5/10), Shacknews (8/10), Common Sense Media (4/5), TheXboxHub (8/10), and Kotaku. Not everyone loved it, but it garnered a lot of attention with over 40 Metacritic sites appraising it, with heavy hitters like Polygon weighing in.

Ultimately, the Lost Ember campaign for its PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions was a smashing success, with over 420 news stories and 270 reviews emanating from our time kicking the campaign off in June 2019 through our wrap up coverage in January 2020. Given that this was a new IP made by a mere five people as their first project out of college, things couldn’t have gone better for Mooneye Studios. We are now looking forward to launching Lost Ember on Nintendo Switch, later in 2020.