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Nintendo Switch

Mechstermination Force is the next indie release from Hörberg Productions, creators of the 3DS eShop hits, Gunman Clive and Gunman Clive 2. After porting the Gunman Clive series to Wii U and Nintendo Switch in Gunman Clive HD Collection, Mechstermination Force is the first game Hörberg Productions have created from the ground up for a HD platform. Bertil Hörberg and his new team set about building something that made use of the Nintendo Switch system and its unique feature set. Running on a custom engine that delivers 1080p 60fps gameplay docked and 720p 60fps gameplay on the handheld, along with optional co-op play and a control scheme designed to work well on single Joy-Con, Mechstermination Force plays like a mix of Contra, Gunstar Heroes and Shadow of the Colossus. It is a boss rush run and gun platformer that gives players a true arcade experience at home or on the go.

Plan of Attack partnered with Hörberg Productions after meeting him at GDC in 2019. With the game launching two weeks later, we had a short timeframe to build buzz around the launch window. Our decision was to announce immediately after the conference, with the campaign to focus on getting as much review coverage for Mechstermination Force as possible throughout the month of April. Our release date announcement went out on March 26th, with 62 news hits picked up from media around the European and North American territories including Vandal, Gematsu, Nintendo Everything, Go Nintendo, Dualshockers, VG Chartz, Nintendo Life, PlayFrance, Destructoid and Sector.

Off the back of this announcement we immediately started pitching Mechstermination Force reviews to top tier multiformat and Nintendo specific media and influencers. We targeted Metacritic sites in particular, with the aim of ensuring Mechstermination Force had more reviews on the site than any previous Hörberg Productions title. We also tried to get the game featured in a variety of videos, podcasts, interviews etc, including the likes of Nintendojo, IGN’s NVC, Giant Bomb, OfficialNerdCubed, MattMcMuscles and GameXplain.

Our launch announcement went out on April 4th, with a further 40 hits from media including PlayFrance, Revo Gamers, Touch Arcade, Tweaktown, Worth Playing and Gaming Union. More importantly, we spent the launch window month garnering reviews from media. In total, we have secured 142 reviews for Mechstermination Force. On Metacritic the game has been a critical success with 30 reviews, averaging to a total of 78. Some review highlights include Game Informer, The Sydney Morning Herald, God is a Geek, The Sixth Axis, Nintendo Life, Screenrant, VG Chartz, Nintendo Insider, 3D Juegos, Vandal, Nintendo World Report, Puissance Nintendo, Portallus, Nintendo-Master and Stratege, among many others.

With an intensely short campaign, focused on very targeted outreach, Plan of Attack secured reviews and coverage for Mechstermination Force from high quality media/influencers. Mechstermination Force has been a successful campaign, with a huge number of reviews for a title of its size, particularly one that is only on Nintendo Switch. From a Metacritic standpoint, the game has done particularly well, garnering 30 reviews on the site, the most out of any previous release from Hörberg Productions.