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Human Fall Flat

Our campaign for Curve Digital was to manage the communications for the Switch version of indie smash hit Human Fall Flat. The campaign comprised of two press releases (to announce the franchise was coming to Switch, as well as an out now announcement), a review and streamer campaign. In addition we released three media blasts - to announce Joy-con support, and the release of multiplayer and the Christmas lobby and skins for the PC version.

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The Flame in the Flood

Plan of Attack’s first project for Curve Digital was managing communications for the Switch version of The Flame In The Flood. Over the course of October and November, the campaign focused on Europe and North America and included an announcement of the Switch port, review campaign, interviews with original designer Forrest Dowling and streamer outreach. We also ran two AMA’s on the most popular Nintendo Switch SubReddit channels (r/nintendo and r/nintendoswitch) on launch week with members of the Molasses Flood Development team.

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Nex Machina

Plan of Attack handled the European press communications for the Nex Machina launch on PC and PlayStation 4 in June 2017, overseeing the review campaign and post-launch editorial. This intense arcade shooter by Housemarque, the team behind Resogun, was very positively received by players and critics alike, with 63 metacritic reviews across both platforms with scores of 88 and 84 on PS4 and PC, respectively.

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Snake Pass

Snake Pass, the slithery, platformer collectathon, launched on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam in March 2017, going on to top the first ever Nintendo eShop charts across Europe and the USA.

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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

The campaign for Vermintide, a four-player cooperative melee game set in the Warhammer fantasy universe, began with a series of territory exclusive PC games print front cover and preview reveals

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The Banner Saga

One of the most visually arresting games in the world today, The Banner Saga is a starkly beautiful Viking epic. The game places a huge emphasis on narrative choice and consequence, its story punctuated by gruelling turn-based combat.

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