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Say No! More is the world’s first NPG (NO!-Playing Game), a brand new experience coming straight from the minds of Studio Fizbin. In a world where everyone sticks to the status quo of saying “YES”, create your own custom character and take on the role of an intern on a mission to change the world with the positive power of “NO!”. With this new power nothing gets in your way as you shout “NO!” at any absurd requests fired at you. Using simple controls designed for anyone to pick up and play, start your working life through a predetermined path in a quirky office environment. As well as shouting NO! in your chosen language, use your NO!’s different emotional states to send them reeling. Confuse people with different actions to let their guard down, then charge up your NO! for an even greater effect on unsuspecting colleagues. Say No! More was developed by Studio Fizbin and published by Thunderful for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and iOS. Plan of Attack began working on Say No! More in October 2020, with our first major announcement in December being a classic one in the realm of video games - a delay. However, in keeping with the jovial tone of the game, we wanted to make the delay something a little more fun, so we came up with the “Say NO! to 2020” tagline. Which, after the terrible year everyone had, made for some nice pick up with 50 outlets, including key targets such as Nintendo Life, 4 Players, GO Nintendo, Playground, Hardcore Gamer and Gematsu.

In March we re-emerged with something much more exciting, a release date announcement. The game was close to completion, so we also timed some exclusive previews to land at the same time, maximising coverage potential in the lead up to launch. With 17 media and influencer previews secured, the positivity surrounding the game was extremely high, with praise garnered from Eurogamer, PC Invasion, Cultured Vultures, Gamekult, GameReactor, Hobby Consolas, Pocket Gamer, N-Tower, Outcast, Nintendo World Report, GameXplain, Durf, Gameblog, Hardcore Gamer, God is a Geek and Zebra Gamer. This groundswell of interest highly bolstered our coverage for the release date announcement, with received 140 news hits from sites globally, including key targets such as Nintendo Everything, Nintendo Life, Nintendo Wire, VG Chartz, PC Invasion, Vandal, Nintendo Enthusiast, Igromania, 3D News, Touch Arcade and 4 Players.

With the game launching on April 9th, we moved straight into our review campaign, focusing on media and influencers in order to get the most amount of coverage for Say No! More as possible during the launch window. At this point the game was already highly anticipated in the indie game scene, securing a spot on many “one to watch lists” including those of top tier outlets such as Vida Extra, WCCF Tech and PC Gamer. This hype resulted in a total of 221 reviews, a huge number, including 33 on opencritic and 30 on Metacritic. Some highlights included strong scores from Screenrant, GameReactor, IGN Italy, Nintendo World Report, Hardcore Gamer, Vandal and GameXplain.

Influencers were a large focus on the project, we worked with a wide range of streamers and content creators across multiple platforms. Kinda Funny were a partner for us on YouTube and Twitch, resulting in a load of hype in their highly active community. Other influencers who covered the game included Jesse Cox, FrankHowley, Dan Bull, Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon, RosGamer_xD, Beautiful O.B. and Febatista, among many others.

The launch was a great success for Studio Fizbin and Thunderful, with the game even getting nominated for an IGF for its Excellence in Audio Design award. Post-launch we of course followed up with media and influencers to continue netting coverage throughout April and May. The success allowed us to pitch out and place key op-eds with trade and games development media. We went with one regarding the power of “NO” in the workplace, partnering with We also worked with Gamasutra on a fun piece that delved into the audio design of Say No! More.

Our final major beat was to release a short documentary on the making of the game, that told the story of the two key creatives behind the project - Marius and Nick, who were childhood friends and managed to find a way to continue their friendship and turn it into a career. We wanted to tell this story to the widest audience possible, so we partnered with the biggest gaming site in the world, IGN, to exclusively debut the documentary on the site and their YouTube channel. This also garnered coverage at other key outlets such as TouchArcade, Feber and Sector.