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Snake Pass

Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC

Snake Pass, the slithery, platformer collectathon, launched on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam in March 2017, going on to top the first ever Nintendo eShop charts across Europe and the USA.

Linking up with Sumo Digital a few months prior to the release of the game, Plan of Attack devised a campaign strategy that would maximise visibility in a consistent and sustained manner. Rolling out a steady stream of media content week by week, including developer diaries and trailers, Plan Of Attack built, maintained and expanded the buzz around the game, securing 1500 news stories in the process. This was coupled with a strong presence at the major trade shows of Q1 including Pax East and GDC, as well as EGX Rezzed, with over 100 meetings booked for those shows.

When it came to reviews, Plan of Attack built a review list 1,127 strong across traditional press and content creators, securing reviews from IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and Waypoint (Vice), coupled with major content from youtubers such as Jack Septic Eye (15,291,479 subs), Slogoman (3,371,352 subs), as well as the highly respected Kinda Funny Games.

Campaign Timeline

The campaign for Snake Pass began at the beginning of February 2017 with the announcement that Snake Pass would be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. The announcement secured 159 stories with many of the major video game publications reporting the news. These include: Eurogamer, Videogamer, VG247, Gamespot and IGN.

This was followed by the announcement that David Wise, composer for Nintendo’s Donkey Kong series, would be scoring Snake Pass’ soundtrack. The news was reported on by many leading publications from across Europe and the USA including: Playground, Nintendo Everything, Hardcore Gamer, 3D Juegos and Spazio Games. Plan of Attack also arranged for interviews to be conducted with David Wise at a number of select publications including Nintendo Everything and Nintenderos.

Just a few days after, on the 15th February 2017, we announced Snake Pass’ release date along with a release date trailer, capitalising on the ongoing conversation we helped build. Eurogamer, Destructoid, Gamespot, 3D Juegos, Vandal, Every Eye and Gamekult all reported on the news, with a total story count of 295.

To round off February, the first developer diary was released along with information on pricing. The developer diary delved into the story of Snake Pass, taking a look at its origin as a rope experiment, winning Sumo Digital’s game jam, before finally moving into full production following a successful public demo at EGX Rezzed. Nintendo Life, Dualshockers, Spazio Games and 3D Juegos all reported on the news. The final activity of the month came with a specific trailer for the Switch version of the game, making clear Sumo Digital’s ambitions for the game on that platform.

On the 2nd March 2017, a “How To Play Snake Pass” video was released, distributed to international media, giving players insight how to control Noodle the snake and what challenges they could expect in the final game. Nintendo Everything, Spazio Games, Playground and Vandal all reported on the news.

Another trailer dropped the week after, showing off Snake Pass’ air levels and the challenges they presented. IGN, Game Kult, Gamereactor and Spazio Games all reported the news.

From the 10th-12th March 2017 Snake Pass was at PAX East, Plan of Attack booking a comprehensive meeting list with journalists and streamers. A number of articles and lets plays were generated from the show including these from Nintendo Everything, Go Nintendo and N Tower.

Then, on the 17th March 2017, the second developer diary was released, discussing the technical details behind bringing Noddle’s slithery charms to life. Rock Paper Shotgun reported on the video along with many others including Dualshockers, Nintendo Everything, PCGamesN Spazio Games, Vandal and Playground.

On the 22nd March 2017, 6 days before the game’s release, the third and final developer diary was released, examining the beloved art style of Snake Pass. Dualshockers, Nintendo Life, Spazio Games, Vandal and many others reported on the news.

Snake Pass was released on the 28th March with an announcement of the news. This announcement secured 120 stories with embargos on reviews also lifting that day. Reviews were secured at all major video game publications including Eurogamer, Waypoint, IGN, Gamespot, Destructoid, Rock Paper Shotgun, 4Players, Gamekult, Everyeye, Vandal and 3D Juegos. Not only that but Plan of Attack were able to secure coverage from many of Youtube’s leading streamers. These include: Jacksepcticeye, Blitz, OfficialNerdCubed and Draegast. Other notable features include a Quick Look on Giant Bomb and a guest appearance on Kinda Funny.