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Plan of Attack handled the full communications campaign for SteamWorld Build, the latest entry in Thunderful’s flagship SteamWorld series. The Anno meets Dungeon Keeper style city-builder was announced in January of 2023 and released in December 2023 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

The announcement for the game was made via a “SteamWorld: Telegraph Special Broadcast”. In preparation for the announcement, Plan of Attack built hype with a press release for the broadcast and pre-seeded news of the game’s announcement, along with a preview build, with top-tier media outlets. This resulted in an incredibly successful announcement, generating 361 news hits from outlets that included IGN, GameSpot, Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Polygon and Nintendo Life, as well as 26 previews from the likes of Eurogamer, Nintendo Life, Rock Paper Shotgun, TheGamer, Pocket Tactics and GameStar.

In late May/early June, we began pitching another round of previews to capture outlets that hadn’t written previews the first time around, boosting the profile of the game again to coincide with a new trailer that debuted at the Future Games Show on June 10th, for which we also put out a press release to maximise the exposure of the trailer. This resulted in another 148 news hits, again getting the game featured at top-tier outlets that included IGN, Nintendo Life, GameStar,, The preview pitches also resulted in another 12 previews being published, with the highlight being a preview from PC Gamer.

Gamescom represented the next significant press beat for SteamWorld Build, with Plan of Attack distributing press releases announcing that the game would be at gamescom as part of the Xbox booth and announcing the game’s release date. These announcements generated 182 and 193 news stories respectively, with the release date announcement being picked up by top-tier outlets IGN, GameSpot, GamesRadar+, Eurogamer, GameStar, Nintendo Life and Rock Paper Shotgun, among others.

The success we had in getting coverage for SteamWorld Build, both in terms of quantity and quality of outlets, at every step of the campaign led into a successful review phase. Plan of Attack’s pitching and distribution of review codes to media and a targeted influencer list we created to find influencers likely to be interested in the game, led to 221 reviews being published, along with around 471 videos and streams in the period following release. The game was reviewed by a host of top-tier outlets, including IGN, The Guardian, EDGE, PC Gamer, Nintendo Life, Rock Paper Shotgun, TheGamer, GamesRadar+ and Screen Rant. On the influencer side, videos and streams were published by Blitz (4M subscribers), Real Civil Engineer (1.6M subscribers), CohhCarnage (1.55M followers), Raptor (1.1M subscribers) and ZeratoR (1.6M followers), to name just a few.

In total, we were able to secure approximately 2300 pieces of news coverage, close to 50 previews and over 220 reviews for SteamWorld Build. At every step of the campaign, from announcement to release, we secured a high number of quality top-tier outlets, ensuring SteamWorld Build always enjoyed a high-profile and ultimately was played and reviewed by major outlets, from The Guardian and IGN, to PC Gamer and Screen Rant.