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Super Crush KO


Super Crush KO is a fast-paced brawler set in a vibrant, near-future city. Zip up your favourite neon jacket and combo your way through swarms of deadly robots to save your kidnapped kitten and, while you’re at it, save humanity from an AI apocalypse. Super Crush KO features lightning-fast gameplay that seamlessly blends run 'n gun action and intense beat-em-up combat. Launch, juggle, and shoot waves of robots out of the sky with stylish, easy-to-execute combos.

Developed and published by Vertex Pop, Plan of Attack began working on Super Crush KO in readiness for its showing at PAX East 2019, booking hands-on demos of the game with media and influencers attending the show. Some highlights included preview bookings with Gamespot, SwitchForce, USGamer, Nintendo World Report and Dualshockers.

After PAX, our next initiative was E3. For the show, we had a trailer and were also booking hands-on demos of Super Crush KO, so it was a major PR beat for us and the Vertex Pop team. The E3 trailer was picked up by over 50 outlets, including Polygon, GO Nintendo, Playground, Nintendo World Report, Tweak Town, Vandal, Gamekult and Gaming Trend.

Some preview highlights from the show came from IGN Italy, Nintendo Enthusiast, GameXplain, The Gamer, Worth Playing, Operation Rainfall and Nintendo World Report.

Shortly after E3, Vertex Pop took the game to PAX West 2019, we secured hands-on bookings with all manner of quality outlets such as Dualshockers, Paste Magazine, Hardcore Gamer and Bleeding Cool.

In December 2019 we made the announcement that Super Crush KO was to launch in January 16th 2020. The pick up for this was great, with over 50 media outlets covering the story, including the likes of 4 Players, IGN Italy, Playground, Sector, Gamasutra, Gematsu, Nintendo Everything, GO Nintendo, Nintendo Life and VGChartz.

We hit the ground running in January and powered straight into our review campaign. We began with pitching out reviews to all relevant media and influencers, aiming to secure high quality reviews for Super Crush KO across the gaming media landscape and ensure the game has a respectable placement on Metacritic, giving it additional visibility. Our out now announcement got coverage from sites like Spazio Games, Console Tribe, 4 Players and GameProTV.

Review coverage was very strong for the game, including videos from Estube Gaming, rubhen925 and Wanderbots. With over 125 reviews for the game so far, we are over the moon with how Super Crush KO has done. With 20 Metacritic reviews on Switch so far, at the time of writing it is ranked the #7 top Switch game of 2020. Reviews and launch features have come from sites including Rolling Stone Italy, IGN Italy, Vandal, Kotaku, Cubed3, Nintendo Life, The Sixth Axis, 4 Players, Eurogamer, Dualshockers and God is a Geek, among many more. We couldn't be happier with the turnout for the game, it’s been a great success from a talented indie development team!