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The Spectrum Retreat is the debut release from Dan Smith who won the 2016 BAFTA Young Game Designers Award for its prototype when he was just 18 years old. Shortly after, Dan partnered with Ripstone’s internal development team to develop his award-winning prototype into a fully fledged art deco-inspired sci-fi adventure. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The Spectrum Retreat puts players in the role of a guest at the peculiar, pristine hotel, The Penrose, where nothing is quite as it seems. Players wake up one morning with no idea why they’re residing the titular hotel, when a mysterious voice attempts to communicate with them. Players must solve a series of increasingly complex color-coded puzzles in an effort to uncover the true purpose of The Penrose.

Our campaign went from initial announcement all the way to launch. We kicked it off in April, with our reveal of The Spectrum Retreat and its trailer, along with the news that it was launching on PC and consoles in 2018. The announcement was a great success with 301 news hits generated across Europe and North America. This included coverage from media outlets such as Eurogamer, Jeux Video, 4 Players, Igromania, 3D Juegos, EGM, Engadget, IGN and many more.

The Spectrum Retreat then appeared on the show floor at EGX Rezzed while we also sent out preview builds to media who could not attend the London based show. Previews were positive of the game, praising its art deco visual design and excellent puzzle mechanics. Some preview highlights included coverage from N3rdabl3, Vida Extra, Perfectly Nintendo and

Our next major news beat was the release of a developer commentary video in early June, showcasing the Penrose Hotel and its secret puzzle rooms. This gave players an idea of the gameplay they could expect come launch, along with an explanation of the core puzzle mechanics. The video generated 95 pieces of news coverage with highlights including Play, 4 Players,, Sector, Nintendo Everything, Go Nintendo, VG Chartz and Nintendo Insider.

Our launch date announcement was released in mid-June, revealing the game would be launching for PlayStation 4 on July 10th, with the PC Xbox One version launching a few days later on the 13th. Over 175 news stories were generated from this announcement, with highlights including coverage from Console Tribe, Igromania, 3D Juegos, Nintendo Everything, IGN, Go Nintendo, Gamespot, AFJV Games, Eurogamer, Playground and Jeux Video.

Next, we lined reviews and influencer coverage for The Spectrum Retreat. We got to work ensuring all major outlets and influencers had codes on their preferred platform while also targeting outreach to journalists and critics with a specialist interest in puzzle experiences. With 270 reviews so far, along with some strong influencer coverage The Spectrum Retreat had some excellent coverage at launch. Review highlights include Game Reactor (9/10), 4 Players (80/100), The Sixth Axis (7/10), IGN Spain (7.7/10), PSX Sense (8.5/10), The Xbox Hub (4.5/5), Trusted Review (4/5) and a positive review from 3D Juegos among many more. Influencer coverage was also strong and far reaching, with content from Giant Bomb, AMX Gameplays, BlackSilverUFA, TheLoneGamer, Wanderbots, xBCrafted, LegitGamingGR, Millbeeful and more.

With the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One SKUs successfully launched, it was time for the Nintendo Switch version to take the limelight. Our Switch launch date announcement was made on September 5th, and generated 50 news stories with key Nintendo and multiformat media including Nintendo Street, The Independent Online, Area Jugones, Nintendo Life, Pocket Gamer, Nintendo Everything, Nintendo World Report and more.

The Spectrum Retreat launched on September 13th for Nintendo Switch and reviews for the Switch version were strong. We secured coverage from key Nintendo media such as Nintendo Life (8/10), Nintendo World Report (8.5/10), Pixlbit (4/5), LesInrocks (Positive), Games Village (7.2/10), Desconsolados (7/10), GamePro TV (7.4/10), Game Guide (Positive), Videogamer Portugal (7/10) and more.