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Plan of Attack handled the media and influencer communications campaign for Thunderful and Sad Owl Studios’ acclaimed first-person puzzle adventure, Viewfinder, from the game’s official announcement at The Game Awards 2022, through to the PS5 and PC release in July of 2023, as well as the PS4 release in December 2023.

Ahead of the reveal at The Game Awards, we prepared messaging that accurately and concisely captured the game’s key hook - being able to place pictures in the world and reshape the fabric of reality around you. With the debut of the trailer and an accompanying press release unveiling Viewfinder to the world, we were able to obtain over 230 news hits from outlets like IGN, Eurogamer, Kotaku, GamesRadar and PC Gamer. The success of this announcement in December followed into January, with the game making “most anticipated” lists for 2023 from Metro, Push Square and WCCFtech.

March was the next significant month for Viewfinder with a new trailer appearing in the Future Games Show and previews for the game based on appointments booked with media by Plan of Attack at GDC in San Francisco and WASD in London dropping from Digital Trends, PCGamesN and Shacknews. The FGS trailer and accompanying press release written and distributed by Plan of Attack generated another 97 pieces of coverage, including from top-tier outlets like IGN, and Gematsu. This was swiftly followed by a media blast we sent out to announce the game’s first publicly available demo in April, garnering another 48 hits. This included a preview based on demo gameplay from Rock Paper Shotgun and a news story from Eurogamer where they mentioned their positive hands-on experience with the game at WASD, arranged by Plan of Attack.

June was a month where we wanted to continue to build awareness and hype for Viewfinder, while also cashing in on the attention its key hook had been picking up with media by getting previews published from high-quality outlets to show the world that this game was as good as it looks. We pre-seeded preview builds with press in May, ready to drop around the Day of the Devs show, where Viewfinder had another trailer debuting and we distributed a press release announcing the game’s release date. This resulted in almost 200 news stories across coverage of the release date, Day of the Devs and the Summer shows in general, including IGN, Eurogamer, Kotaku, PC Gamer, Polygon, GameStar and Push Square, as well as 63 previews and features based on our efforts pitching the preview build to press. This included positive previews from big outlets like PC Gamer, GamesRadar, GameStar, Push Square and The Gamer, making this a hugely successful month for the game’s PR campaign.

Our next priority was preparing for the game’s PC and PS5 release in July 2023. We had great success in pitching and distributing codes for the game, resulting in a total of 252 reviews being published. The highlights include reviews from IGN, GameSpot, Polygon, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, GamesRadar, Game Rant, The Guardian, PC Gamer. A 5/5 from Gamesradar+ and an 87 from PC Gamer are indicative of the positive coverage that has the game sitting at an 84 on PC on Metacritic and saw it being nominated for awards at the Golden Joysticks and The Game Awards.

The success we had with media across the whole of Viewfinder’s PR campaign was also mirrored with influencers, to who we also distributed codes. Here is a small sample of the many influencers that covered the game from the release of the demo onwards: aylus (12.8M subscribers), SMii7Y (6.1M subscribers), alanzoka (6.6M followers), Jazzghost (13.8M subscribers), Blitz (4M subscribers), Cellbit (3.1M followers), LIRIK (3M followers), Drae (2.6M subscribers), sodapoppin (8.9M followers), and Real Civil Engineer (1.8M subscribers).

In total, we were able to secure 2625 pieces of coverage for Viewfinder. For every key PR beat, we were able to generate a high amount of coverage for Viewfinder that always included top-tier outlets, ultimately translating into strong preview and review campaigns that saw the title receive universal acclaim.