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Warhammer: Vermintide 2


The campaign for Vermintide 2, the sequel to the original four-player cooperative melee game Warhammer Vermintide: End Times, began with an announcement in September 2017, followed by a live reveal stream and pre-order announcement to worldwide press on October 18th, helmed by CEO Martin Wahlund and Game Designer Victor Magnuson.

This was followed by a series of territory-exclusive specialist gaming press interviews with Wahlund and Executive Producer Mats Andersson, with the aim to provide insightful editorial about the game's design and how Fatshark positioned the sequel to Warhammer fans. These deep dive interviews appeared across a broad range of outlets, including Gamestar Germany,, PCGamesN, CDAction, Gamestar Hungary, Gamewatcher,, and DSO Gaming.

Conference demos of Vermintide 2 at TwitchCon in Oct 2017 and Paris Games Week in November gave eager press the first major look and hands-on opportunity with the game. Following that in mid-Feb 2018, PCGamer's central London-based Weekender event introduced a new build of the game, revealing further details and garnering additional coverage. This was closely followed by the Vermintide closed beta and open beta initiatives, with Plan of Attack coordinating with media to ensure preview coverage and video streams, further maintaining buzz around Vermintide 2.

Plan of Attack also coordinated press interviews and feature stories with the Fatshark development team to help build further coverage throughout the duration of the PC campaign. This included the December 2017 announcement of a console version due for release in the summer of 2018. Plan of Attack lined up additional interviews to support this announcement with console and multiformat publications such as Official PlayStation Magazine, PlayStation Universe, and Gaming Bolt.

In January 2018, Fatshark announced that BAFTA award-winning Danish composer Jesper Kyd would return to compose an original soundtrack for the game, and Plan of Attack assisted Fatshark by distributing the announcement to its registered press database where over 80 outlets covered the story. This initiative was followed in February 2018 by the March 8th launch date announcement of the PC version.

Later in February 2018, The Vermintide 2 closed beta was announced, with Plan of Attack distributing over 200 beta keys to press keen to explore the latest build. A press release announcing the extension of the beta saw Fatshark give away an additional 10,000 beta keys to eager PC players and was covered by a wide range of press outlets.

During Vermintide 2's March 2018 launch, Plan of Attack helped secure in excess of 200 published reviews worldwide, and the game went on to sell more than 500,000 units in its first week - and over 1 million units in its first five weeks on the market. This staggering figure created an additional talking point for press based on the official Fatshark announcement.

Vermintide 2 amassed a huge number of rave reviews from the likes of Gamereactor, Eurogamer and Gameinformer, with 3D Juegos stating that “Its exciting and spectacular pitched battles are pure addiction”. Kotaku writer Tim Rogers proclaimed the game to be the best four-player co-op since Left 4 Dead. Similarly, French publication, Gamekult called it ‘one of the very best action games."

Vermintide 2 currently maintains a Metacritic score of 82, with many reviews complementing the vast improvements over the previous game and a title that offers up a fantastic variety of tools, characters, weapons, and gameplay moments that are all player driven.