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There’s always a lot of competition for attention when it comes to indie games, but we knew from the offset that Loot River’s unique movement mechanic offered a hook that would get media interested in what it had to offer. Our job was to find a way of getting that hook across in a concise and understandable way and ensure the game got in front of the media's eyes so they could see it for themselves.

We began this campaign with a reveal at Xbox’s ID@Xbox showcase that took place in March of 2021. We put out a press release directly after the game was announced during the show, framing the game as “Dark Souls meets Tetris”. As we anticipated, the reveal of the game garnered plenty of attention during the showcase and our “Dark Souls meets Tetris” framing evidently struck a chord, being mentioned by a number of outlets who covered the game. The announcement was covered by 200+ outlets, including top-tier outlets like IGN, Kotaku, PCGamesN, Game Rant, Game Informer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and VG247.

After the announcement, we went quiet until the E3 period, where the game appeared at Day of the Devs and we successfully secured a slot for the Guerrilla Collective Showcase. Supported by press releases and an E3 roundup media alert, the game again received strong coverage, appearing in 200+ articles covering E3, including articles from the likes of IGN and PC Gamer focusing on Loot River specifically. PCMag UK, Ginx, PC Gamer, IGN, WCCFtech and Den Of Geek all mentioned the game as one of their E3 highlights.

To bridge the gap between the Summer coverage and the build to launch, we built our campaign in December 2021 around a Loot River demo launched during the ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest, also available for PC on Steam. This generated 120+ pieces of coverage, including notable outlets such as IGN, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PCGamesN and Hardcore Gamer. We used this attention to quickly follow up with the announcement that the game would be launching day one on Game Pass, generating approximately another 100 articles. During this period, a number of influencers showcased the demo on YouTube, including SplatterCatGaming, Retromation, and Alpha Beta Gamer.

The game appeared on most anticipated games of 2022 lists for Game Informer, The Escapist and Hardcore Gamer, where it sat alongside Elden Ring, God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI and Horizon Forbidden West.

To build towards launch, we re-emerged in April 2022 with a media blast highlighting the first of a series of developer walkthrough videos we suggested to A week later, we put out a press release announcing the game’s May 3rd release date. These two releases generated around 200 news hits between them, with the release date announcement covered by outlets that included Hardcore Gamer, Gameranx, VGChartz, TrueAchievements, Gematsu, and Niche Gamer.

During this period we also focused on building out our review list, contacting media and a targeted list of influencers to whom we distributed codes ahead of the game’s release. The attention and anticipation we had built for Loot River, along with our work sending both solicited and unsolicited codes to the gaming media, secured a healthy 119 reviews for the game, with the majority published within 2 weeks of launch. This included reviews from GamesRadar+, Screen Rant, The Escapist and Giant Bomb, with Eurogamer, Game Informer, Hardcore Gamer and TechRaptor giving the game strong reviews.

The game was also covered by a number of notable influencers including Lirik (2.9M followers), Nothernlion (1.02M subs), Cellbit (2.2M followers), The NeptooN (1.38M) BaerTaffy (147K subs), Easy Allies (260K subs) and Many A True Nerd (545K subs).

Between the reviews, influencer content and an “Out Now” press release covered by IGN, Gamespot, PC Gamer, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the game was very visible during launch week across gaming media. This was a reflection of a strong campaign where we quickly identified what made Loot River stand out and communicated that in simple and compelling messaging. We successfully engaged media attention in the game from the outset, helping to build a profile that ensured that both media and influencers were keen to check it out when it came to release.