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In June 2021, Plan of Attack partnered with game publisher All in! Games to execute a media and influencer campaign for sci-fi survival horror RPG Chernobylite in Europe (excluding Poland), Asia, Australia, and the Americas (excluding USA). Developed by Polish studio The Farm 51, Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG that mixes non-linear free exploration with challenging combat, stealth, crafting, base-building and companion management.

Debuting on Steam Early Access in 2019, Chernobylite moved up the store rankings with “very positive” user reviews and quickly gained media plaudits from top-tier outlets like IGN. Plan of Attack kicked off the Chernobylite campaign with the “Tatjana Story Trailer Reveal” that was followed a week later with a release date announcement that leveraged a timed-exclusive with the Future Games Show to get plenty of eyes on the news. Coverage for the communications beat generated 200+ international news stories.

One of the major PR hooks Plan of Attack felt it could capitalize on was the technical expertise of the developer in bringing the environments of Chernobyl to life. During development, studio The Farm 51 visited Chernobyl and used 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry to scan both buildings and architecture. We pitched several territory exclusive deep dives so media could learn about how the team had pushed the boundaries of modern games development to ensure that Chernobyl would be fully realized in its digital incarnation. These deep dive interviews were conducted with the likes of Screenrant, PCGamer, Gamesradar, WCCFTech and Xbox Hub, with additional coverage appearing in,, and These interviews tapped into the existing interest in Chernobyl, bolstered by the successful HBO series and showcased the level of detail that The Farm 51 invested into building the ultimate player experience.

In addition to interviews, Plan of Attack coordinated a Reddit AMA on the r/Games Subreddit channel with the Creative Director of Chernobylite, Wojciech Pazdur, and Chernobylite’s Game Director, Artur Fojcik, in order to help the developer build a stronger personal connection to the community. Given that the community had already played an important role during the game’s Early Access phase, it made sense to foster this relationship and tap into the passion that already existed for the game from its fans.

As part of the branding push to establish Chernobylite, All In! Games created a series of highly desirable physical press kits consisting of a creepy toy doll, a green mineral, a gas mask, and a series of postcards with a real ex-military ammo box acting as the kit’s container. Each kit cost in excess of $100 in content as the publisher looked to increase the game’s footprint and pre-awareness before launch.

Working with All in! Games’ PR team and other international PR partners, Plan of Attack helped create a shortlist of highly respected press outlets that could be targeted with the the press kits, which were sent to editors and feature writers at top tier outlets such as Eurogamer IGN, Bleeding Cool, Gamespew, God is a Geek, Gematsu and Gamereactor. These went down extremely well, and some even did unboxing streams to reveal the inner delights of what Chernobylite was all about.

A month prior the launch of Chernobylite, Plan of Attack initiated its PC review code request campaign that led to the distribution of review codes to over 300 press outlets who were keen to explore the full build of the game. Combined with its console counterpart, launched two months after the initial PC release - with a next-gen update later added in April 2022 - Plan of Attack secured in excess of 490 published reviews and previews. This included positive reviews from top-tier outlets who praised Chernobylite for its technical ability and narrative-led gameplay, including The Gamer, concluded their review by saying: “if you enjoy RPGs that feature things like crafting, base building, team management, and heists, the ambitious Chernobylite is one that you won’t want to miss.” Spanish publication Vandal thought the game was “a remarkable survival game with a very interesting story that will delight science fiction lovers”, and 3DJuegos highlighted the plot of the game as well as the reconstruction of Chernobyl’s exclusion zone.