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The Signal State is a complex puzzle/simulation game that tasks you with manipulating frequencies to rebuild machines in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game has unique puzzle mechanics involving synthesizer modules, requiring players to learn this new system and use this new-found knowledge to solve increasingly difficult puzzles. The Signal State is the first game developed by Benedict Lee of Reckoner Industries, and the second published by The Singapore-based accelerator The Iterative Collective.

Plan of Attack managed the campaign for The Signal State starting with the release date announcement. The strategy for this esoteric puzzle game targeted audiences in 2 specific groups, fans of Zachtronics games (the ‘Zachlike’ genre) and modular synthesizer enthusiasts. When working with such a niche title, our focus was to appeal to the game’s target audience and use its unique features to its advantage.

The game’s launch was covered by over 30 press outlets, including PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Playground, 4Players and more.

We organised a targeted influencer campaign to create buzz around the launch, with partners such as synth musician Benn Jordan and gaming influencers Skye Storme, Raptor and Gametech UK. As such, the game’s popularity spread not only through the ‘Zachlike’ gaming community, but also into the online modular synthesizer community.

As one of few new games in the ‘Zachlike’ genre it quickly became a cult favourite among players, with 90% positive reviews on Steam and positive appraisals Game-Guide and Gaming Cypher among others.

One of the major strengths of the campaign was the discussion around the game in editorials across major gaming outlets. Martin Robinson, editor-in-chief of Eurogamer, called The Signal State “a brilliantly tactile puzzler that turns the tangle of cables and muddle of modular units into a challenging, Zachtronics-esque game of logic” as he discussed his penchant for tinkering with synths in his shed. In Gamekult, Valentin Cebo explains how engaging it can be to play a game with one clear design goal: manipulating modular synths.

Additionally, solo developer Benedict Lee had the opportunity to contribute an op-ed to for their “Why I Love” series, extolling the virtues of the hidden complexities in Disco Elysium.

We also provided PR support for follow-up DLC announcements, attracting coverage from the likes of Playground and GamingLyfe, as The Signal State added new community features such as a workshop for user-created puzzles and a sandbox mode.

Overall, the campaign for The Signal State was a quiet success, attracting attention from the biggest names in games media. As a small release from an unknown developer in a niche genre, with our help The Signal State was able to find its community and thrive in the competitive PC gaming market.