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Plan of Attack was contracted to set up and execute the PC launch and post-launch global communications campaign for Stunlock Studios’ team arena brawler title Battlerite. From September through to the end of 2017 the campaign focused on European and North American video game outlets and influencers, however a number of outlets in South America, Russia and Southeast Asia also covered the game. Beginning with the PC launch date announcement and continuing through December 22nd we conducted a steady stream of outreach to secure reviews, influencer videos and interviews with top video game media.


Our primary news beats were the launch date announcement and the game launch, however we did also promote Battlerite through a steady stream of news, including the launch of two new heroes, new modes and special in-game events. Our communications efforts resulted in a total of 680 news articles being written across the Web, 32 giveaways, 60 gameplay videos and 63 reviews, for a total of 862 pieces of coverage across 21 countries.


Battlerite lends itself well to gameplay videos, so we put a special focus on outreach to influencers and secured 60+ gameplay streams, highlights of which include: Total Biscuit, IGN, BrickyOrchid8, Dyrus, Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel, Imaqtpie, Kripparrian, Yassuo, Tobias Fate, Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer, Xeleko - 100% MultiGaming, DisStream, Pato Papão, SHIMOROSHOW, Егор Клёнов, RevenantL0L, Brofresco, Dexbonus, MagikarpUsedFly and bonkol


In order to get more players into Battlerite, and thus support and perpetuate the community, we secured 32 giveaways with top outlets throughout Europe and North America, including Jeuxvideo, PC Games N, Wccftech, MMO Bomb, Techraptor, MMO Games, OnRPG, MMO Huts.


Top gaming sites that reviewed Battlerite include IGN, Softpedia, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamestar, Multiplayer, Jeuxvideo, 3D Juegos, Vandal, Destructoid, PC Gamer, Fok!, Fandom and the Danish, German, Spanish and Portuguese editions of Gamereactor, among others.


Through our outreach efforts to secure news features, reviews, gameplay videos and giveaways, Battlerite experienced a sharp spike in player numbers and activity, securing a slot in the Top 10 Games on Steam. On Sunday 12th November it peaked to number 10, on the ‘top games by current player count’ Steam list with a whopping 45,000 in-game players. At one point Battlerite reached number 3 of the most watched games on Twitch with nearly 75,000 viewers glued to their screens, beating DOTA 2 and PUBG.